Hard To Get Enough Potassium

Hard To Get

If you know that some athletes endurance or sports people in general, it is probable that come seen over and over again for bananas. But you know why? The banana is a powerful and best adjusted potassium, led to an increase in energy. Ideal to prevent muscle cramps and weakness, potassium acts as a nutrient that is very useful for those who, in the exercise, moderate or intense. Potassium is not only for athletes; It is crucial for the whole world. And while you can reach for a banana, lots of other foods rich in potassium, bananas are actually exceeded! Why use food with PotassiumPotassium, as well as sodium and chlorine, food are called electrolyte; This means that potassium actually conduct electricity when dissolved in water. Very good, isn't? Electrolytes play an important role in the method of communication nerve transmission of the body. Potassium is also important in muscle contraction, helping with the level and frequency of contractions. You can reduce the risk of hypertension or high blood pressure. Potassium deficiency is rare, because it is the mineral in many foods. However, signs of deficiency include: weakness, fatigue, confusion, diarrhea and heart problems. Adults should get generally about 4. 700 mg of potassium per day. If you a sporting or extremely active, where it can find more foods rich in potassium, the media should eat some PersonSo?Foods rich in potassium 422 mg PotassiumContaining are bananas, referred to as a great source of nutrients. But there's many other potassium rich foods, who do not know. Some have two or even three times the amount of potassium such as bananas. Beet Greens, have, for example, about 1 309 mg in a Cup. Potatoes, potatoes, have more than 1 000 for medium-sized vegetables. Spinach is an excellent source with more than 800 mg per Cup. Even an avocado tree has more potassium than a banana: with approximately 540 per 3-ounce serving. Here are some other options: RaisinsDried FigsBeans LegumesBrussels SproutsSoybeansArtichokesSweet PotatoesChick PeasPistachiosPumpkin and SeedsIt must not be too difficult to get potassium per day enough natural food sources. The potassium content is in the kitchen, but out of print, so hard to get enough potassium that I can eat raw, and if you cook, how pale or muted. Other sources: Vaughn 1-PagersHealthaliciousnessWHFoodsIom. Natural health EduThe Huffington PostSupport: the message of organic life with our new exclusive designs of paper painted and removed from the new society for natural health natural line clothing today! .