Hard To Get Bell

Hard To Get

Package: Advanced InternetSpeed cable: 28 Mbps Download and 1 Mbps upload: use 300 GB price: $49. 95Rental: modem rental $ 5 * 22 may: I have cable Internet may 22, 2012 begins. When I was on the page of the poster, I called a few questions. 30 seconds of conversation could speak with a customer service representative! Responded to all my questions and was very helpful. He looked like he knew exactly what I said. I have subscribed to the service and chose the date from the time of installation. Although I have all cables cable in my house in Rogers, but I had to pay $ 50 to install, because I have no cable service (link to Rogers on the next year and a half). I have install at all costs not to worry. After registering, I received an e-Mail with an invoice and even start, said, I will contact you. Called to start this doing you the DOCSIS 3 me. 0-modem. Says the customer you send the right and even some answers to my questions. * 24 May: this morning I received a phone call from the confirmation of the date of installation. hard to get bell Is May 29 5-20. 00. I asked a few questions about regulation and questions. He added that because the billing cycle starts the first day of each month, I am self service approximately 3 days. Although I have not yet used the Internet service, but feel the client for the service incredible importarmi as a client. He received the modem Thompson-475 (DOCSIS 3) 0). It took less than 48 hours! * 29 may: 5-20. 00 was my schedule, but the technicians came to 3 (perfect). Communication was not directly to Rogers, but a company called Intek (under contract to Rogers said the car). I had to repair my house, because it was made when we had Rogers. But he had to replace, Rogers and the cable supplied by the main line for the case, no there was no signal. Cable connected to the modem line. When I open the browser, who took me on the side of Rogers and said the network could not connect the modem. Called home and it took 10 to 20 seconds for the CSR. The person was very helpful and said to reboot the modem. He said it would have 5 minutes to 2 hours of waiting for the modem is synchronized with the network. Edit: I tried to login twice in half an hour, but the Internet itself, so I thought, that the modem must start over. And you know what, who worked for a minute! Get amazing speed! Allow you to do a few speed tests, and soon they will be. Update: some speed tests and, probably, because speed is increased by Rogers, try a very high download speed. So to get more accurate results, some files get searched. And the speed is impressive. So I have 30 Mbit/s am until (3.0 MB/s). I received a call from the outset and CSR asked if the Internet works! It is good customer service! * I love the service. Amazing, impeccable customer service to set your modem received within 48 hours and finally very fast and reliable connection. * I recommend that to start communications! Thank you for reading me. .